The land in the marketplace was initially a four-bedroom penthouse. At the start of this calendar year, the owners an Australian household — chose to embark renovations and also convert the four bedrooms to three big bedrooms with en suite instead.

“The owners wanted larger bedrooms so that when their loved ones members came to visit, they’d have additional space,” says Kaizar Karkaria, associate team manager of PropNex’s luxury group, who is promoting the unit.

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But in the midst of the six-month renovation, among the owners obtained employment posting in Australia. Instead of quitting the renovation half-done, the owners chose to finish it. Despite being unable to appreciate their own reno- vated house, the owners didn’t scrimp on the renovations, spending some $600,000 to participate Design Intervention, an award-winning interior design company, for the undertaking.
The refurbishment of this Chelsea Gardens penthouse comprised installing scratch-resistant, pre-pressurised floors; hacking on the walls to make a larger living and dining room; fitting in fresh pipes and electric wiring; and polishing the first marble floor.
There is ample space for the owner to match a jacuzzi pool or abandon it as an outside pavilion. The penthouse also comes with its very own private elevator.

“The owners are letting go of their device under their purchase price because they’ve already jumped to Australia,” explains Karkaria.

Though the penthouse has not yet been leased to tenants earlier, Karkaria estimates rentals for such units in the region to be approximately $8,000 to $9,000 a month. “That’s for the ones which aren’t renovated. To get a remodeled device, it might be anywhere close to $10,000 per month,” he says.

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