Owners of HDB apartments are accountable for the upkeep and repair of their fittings and fixtures inside their units and may hire their favored contractors to perform the essential job, said the Ministry of National Development at Parliament on Monday (5 August).

However, while HDB doesn’t offer repair solutions to apartment owners, it recognises that several owners, like the less-mobile or elderly residents who live independently, might require additional assistance.

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Therefore, various avenues can be found for all these residents to seek out assist.

“For urgent help on maintenance issues, for example electricity trips which happen following office hours, residents may get their Town Council’s Essential Maintenance Service Unit (EMSU), that will offer guidance over the telephone or recommend an electrician the apartment owner can participate,” said the ministry at reacting to MP Saktiandi Supaat question.

“HDB also provides general information on home repair and upkeep, including speaking residents to fix contractors who are recorded on HDB’s site”

Apartment owners may also ask support from the neighborhood, including the Community Development Councils (CDCs) in addition to the grassroots organisations, it included.

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